Best Useful Tips for Selecting the Right HR Software

HR Software

HR is one of the most crucial functions within any kind of business as they need to take care of employees’ welfare. It a time-consuming for HR managers to manage everyone in scope and size of the company. Whether you run a start-up or a large brand with hundreds of employees, it’s important to never underestimate the importance of human resources for the growth of your business.

What is HR Software?

HR Software helps to manage employee information and HR related tasks can be considered HR software. The software system can manage people, automate manual tasks and keep information orderly. It saves a lot of labour time for managers and HR staff through automation along with this it also assists with HR processes which allow improved planning, budget management and decision making.

How to build effective HR Software?

  • Step 1: Automate

Automate your workflows to streamline the routine activities of your HR professionals so that they can focus on more important issues.

  • Step 2: Integrate

Integrate all HR related processes and systems into one consolidated platform which will be a single of all HR data

  • Step 3: Engage

Focus on your company culture and engagement to deliver digital HR experiences that help your staff improve their skills and collaborate.

  • Step 4: Perform

Continuously develop your HR environment, optimize productivity and ensure that performance management is done in a positive manner.

What are the key benefits of HR Software?

Better Security

Digital record-keeping always offers improved security. Your employee data will be secured like their address, contact number and social security number. One might have faced that paper filling can be misplaced, destroyed or stolen and there are other issues which come with paper filling. Hence, human resources computer software ensures that your employee’s record and personal data are completely secured.

Human error

People make mistakes like losing a piece of paper, miscalculating a percentage, or overlooking required data. HR software inherently unable to make these mistakes and so if the entered data is correct, then the information or results it provides cannot be wrong.

Impose Compliance

With HR software you can monitor that all your employees including low-level employees and management are following your company rules and procedures. So this will prevent mistakes, disagreements, harassment, and other issues that could cost your company money.

Boost Productivity

A payroll and record-keeping software will increase their productivity by allowing them to spend less time filing paperwork and more time making sure everything is running smoothly. They can ensure payroll is sent out promptly, handle HR issues speedily, and focus on more important human resources tasks – such as employee training and hiring.

Reduce business costs

HR Software helps you in the number of ways to reduce administrative costs. The software lets you Improve efficiency and productivity which is a way to save money in its own right, investing in a system may well negate the need to hire another HR administrator and the costs related like recruitment fees, benefits, salary etc. A good HR software will allow your HR professional to comfortably manage the data of anywhere from 150 to 200 staff.

Improved tracking of employee data

An effective HR department will always track and analysis data like monitoring absence, gender pay gap statistics, company property costs and many other areas of the business. With automated HR software, all of this data will become instantly easier to access, update and interrogate. Online data storage, tracking and accessibility will let you share your information easily and securely

Which Industries Can Benefit Most from HR Software?

A business with a huge staff should be using some type of software for dealing with payroll and employee records. A company with limited office space may also want to think about switching to a detailed human resources system. By taking care of the majority of your record-keeping on a secure computer, you can reduce storage cabinets and paper filing.

Companies and businesses which do a lot of hiring, especially seasonal hiring, will absolutely find software more useful to automate HR tasks. A software makes their work little easier and it also saves their time which they can devote more of their attention to ensuring they hire the best candidates for the job and see that they receive the right training.

For any business, HR is a major part but sometimes managers neglect the pressure the HR department deals with. By using a reliable HR payroll system, you can enhance the productivity of your business.

Best Payroll Management Software for business to operate smoothly in 2019!

Easy Payroll Systems

Running a successful business has always been an extreme challenge for business owners. There are many things they need to take into serious consideration to thrive in the highly competitive market. We are aware that not everyone has what it takes to have complete control over all the aspects that make a business successful, and that is especially true for small and medium businesses.

The Payroll Management System lets you take your human resources management to a higher level. Even the top payroll providers in India understand the need for an error-free payroll management activity. With the wide range of services, your business can enjoy a payroll process which is timely and accurate.

So, let us first have a look at some basic advantages a Payroll management software offers:

  • Employee Calendar: A payroll software generally offers employee calendars. It helps you in smoothly managing sick leave, absences. and overtime.
  • Cost Effective: Saves a lot of man hours and money in handling HR accounting.
  • Tax Updates: Helps you in managing tax and compliance like PF, ESI etc.
  • Generate Payslips: You can generate payslips in an automatic manner.
  • Ensure Security: Payroll software adds security to your organization. As the data remains with you, third-party intervention is not needed.

Easy Payroll Processing India

Below we have mentioned some of the best payroll management software in India.

  • MARG ERP 9+ – Payroll Software

Marg Payroll Software has a user-friendly interface. As you can easily integrate it with a biometric machine. And then it will keep the track & maintenance of all the information on salary transfer. This system is fully expertise in managing all the systems like Human Resource Management system, Employee Payroll Management System, Employee Compliances Management System etc.

  • Keka – Payroll Software

Keka is an employee experience platform. The only HR & Payroll solution which is employee centric. Unlike traditional payroll management system, Keka is a modern new generation platform focused on user experience and simplifying complex workflows. You can manage your employees and assign tasks to them from any place in the world and with any device.

  • Beehive – Payroll software

Beehive’s HRMS, a complete web-based payroll management software covering the entire life cycle of an employee from recruitment to resignation or retirement. The system is developed by Beehive Software Services Pvt. Ltd. It is the most comprehensive HR and Payroll management system solution. It takes care of workflow-based leave management platform which enables employees to submit their leave applications and managers to approve it with workflow notifications. It also integrates time details to obtain more accuracy even as managing the leave and payouts.

  • ADP Vista – Payroll Software

ADP Vista HCM SM is designed to handle complex types of business. The system is developed by Automatic Data Processing Inc. When the HR software is customized to your business requirements, then you can process payroll and the associated compliances such as TDS, PF and ESI deductions with a single click.

  • Easy Accountax – Payroll Software

Irrespective of business size or industry Easy Accountax is one of the most preferred software. It automates major areas of HR, payroll management, leave, and attendance tracking. With many satisfied customers across the globe, it manages to leverage powerful features like employee management, payroll services on the cloud, time & attendance management, TDS and payroll compliance, employee self-service (ESS), and more.

With built-in timesheets, auto synchronization with biometric devices, high data security, e-payslips, according to us, Easy is the one-stop solution for business to manage their payroll smoothly and efficiently.

Payroll management software can provide forecasts; you can use these to plan staff costs and budgets by entering hypothetical numbers to see the exact total cost of an employee. Choose your payroll software that fulfils your requirements.

Managing Payroll with a single click

For any business, cost management is the topmost priority and manpower cost is considered to be the highest in comparison to other costs and expenses. Thus, it becomes mandatory to check and control this cost. In relation to cost management, there is an ever-increasing demand for software solutions to ensure more productivity and justified return on investment. Payroll software programs are the right answer. Payroll software’s are specifically designed to manage anything and everything for an organization pertaining to payroll and tax filing.

payroll management software

Based on the needs and requirements of the organisation’s payroll systems are available with various options. They are designed based on hourly pay, daily pay, weekly, quarterly and monthly pay. The available systems are made to make the work easy and accurate. Payroll systems are a cost-effective way to manage and process salaries, bonuses and tax deductions.

Good Payroll software is one that is easy to manage and the one that avails us with various reports related to all the factors related to the calculation of salary of an employee. It includes keeping track of hours worked, calculation of wages, and deduction of taxes, managing allowances and printing of pay slips.

How payroll system increases efficiency

Automation reduces manual labour and increases accuracy

Times have gone when accountants used to go through attendance registers every month to calculate salaries. It used to be a daunting task to repeat the same process manually as it was the time-consuming and exhaustive procedure. With the payroll system, you just have to enter the details once into the system and it does the rest and that too without errors. The system is perfect for saving time and labour. With growing cloud technology, even the employees can check their details online from any part of the world. Details like leave entitlement, salary calculation, deductions, benefits and bonus are made available through the software.

Attendance Management

Payroll is all about managing employees’ time of presence, in other words, hours worked by the employee. Payroll software is incorporated with biometric machines to have an exact record of timekeeping for all the employees. It provides an exact clock in and out time, on which the operation of the whole software is based. The software calculates salaries automatically based on the input given; hence, no manual entries are required. The chances of human error are also drastically decreased.

Saves Time and resources

Accounting and finance have many categories, as there are many government departments involved. Hence, it becomes difficult to find an employee who possesses the knowledge to deal with the entire concerned department. However, payroll software does everything for you; it comes with predefined processes and formulas making the task easy and quick.

Payroll software’s are available with many options to suit your specific needs. This software can be accessed from any location and the employees can use it through their smartphones by downloading the required app. The system not only improves efficiency but also makes the whole process transparent.