Top 10 GST Softwares In India You Should Know About

Best GST Software India

In India, Which is one of the most diverse countries with a complicated infrastructure GST is the first technology driven tax regime. If you are looking for the best GST accounting software in India, then you have tended to the rig page, here we have jotted down the best GST ready software for small business and startups to tackle their GST confusion. Since the day of its Inception, GST has been an epidemic of confusion for the business owners in India. Moreover, after years debates, discussions, amendments the GST is the only tax regime that was implemented by the government, and every business needs to follow it.

Here we have handpicked top 10 GST software in India that can help you with the GST compliance and take care of billing & accounting.


MARG ERP 9+ is one of the best GST software you can use for your business at an affordable price. Besides, the user interface of the software is convenient for beginners. The software also allows the users to convert the bill into various formats and provides the option to send them via links. The email option adds a hassle-free way to share the bills with customers.

2. Clear Tax

If you wish to secure your billing data and don’t trust thee adware storage then, Clear Tax is for you. It is a cloud-based GST accounting software with internet connectivity for the users. You can easily create GST based bills and carry out accounting operations offline, and the software will automatically sync your data with the cloud storage. The software is accessible via mobile, desktop or laptop which makes it is one of the best GST software in India.

3. Tally ERP 9

Tally ERP 9 is one of the most advanced GST software in India that caters all your billing an accounting needs. With the Tally’s GST software you can easily create GST invoices/bills for your customers with multiple items and multiple tax rates. Besides, Tally ERP 9 is much more than just GST invoice building software; it takes care of all the other billing and accounting actions. The software also takes care of the branch charges, reverse charge scenarios, advance receipts and export invoices.

4. Quickbooks

Quickbooks is quite popular in India and considered as one of the best GST software to handle your business account. The software comes with a user-friendly interface that everyone can understand and access easily. Creating and sharing GST invoices can be done effortlessly in the software, and it also allows you to monitor tax credit so you can save money for your business. The company has released an online GST ready version for the small business that is customized according to their billing needs in requirements. The flexible GST software not only helps the businesses to create GST invoices but enables to track cash flow, expenses, and not categorized their income or expenses with a dedicated feature.

5. EasyGST

Here is another flawless and great GST software available you can use for your business. The Software comes with all required options and features to keep your GST billing cycle running. Moreover, with the software you get additional features to manage your business accounting actions like advance invoicing, tracking cash flow, monitoring the tax credit. Due to its friendly user interface and plenty of accessible features, EasyGST is counted among the best GST software in India.

GST Software

6. Busy Accounting Software

Whether you own a micros, small or medium business, Busy Accounting Software got it all. It is one of the best GST ready software for generating advance invoices and managing the business accounts. The user interface of the software is intuitive, and you can quickly generate invoices with customized options. Moreover, you can easily manage your accounts, finance, credits along with VAT and CST reports.

7. Zoho Books

It is another GST ready software in our list that you can integrate to your business for hassle-free invoice generation. The software lets you effortlessly generate GST invoices with different tax rates and multiple items quickly. Along with this, it is very convenient to keep track of all your account details including cash flow, and monthly expenses.

8. Reach GST

Reac GST is an ideal software of the SME’s to deal with their billing actions depending actions. The software comes with the functionality of multiple user-handling profiles for the business. You can generate GST invoices and can also share with them with the users via mail easily.


If you are still in favor of offline GST ready software, the GEN-GST is specially designed for you and your business. The software allows users to prepare GST returns for consumers without accounting. Besides the software can also extract data from any software, the software works without any internet.

10. Sai GST

Sai GST may be listed last on this list, but it is not the least, the software is explicitly designed for CA and businesses who want to manage their GST returns. The accounting software works online and automatically synchronize all the bills and details between the suppliers and vendors.

Is PAN Card Compulsory for Quotations In Financial Transactions?


A PAN (Permanent Account Number) card is a ten-digit unique alphanumeric number issued by the Income Tax Department. PAN is an important document, especially for calculating financial transactions. As it is known to all that through PAN card the Income Tax Department keeps tabs on financial transactions of an individual. PAN card is more than just an identification document; in fact, it is a very useful mean to calculate the total tax revenue that is generated in the country.

Income tax Department has made PAN card compulsory for every transaction with the IT department. It is also compulsory for various other financial transactions such as an opening of a bank account, cash deposit in banks, opening of Demat Account, any dealing done in securities, and such other transactions.

Every individual person shall quote his PAN in all documents pertaining to the transactions specified in rule 114B. The following are the transaction was quoting the PAN Card is compulsory

  • During the time of depositing Rs.50000 and beyond at a bank whether private or nationalized.
  • On sale or purchase of any immovable property that is exceeding the amount of Rs 10 lakh or more. Even if the amount valued by stamp valuation authority referred by section 50C of the amount that I exceeding Rs.10 lakh.
  • If the bill amount of a hotel stay which is exceeding to R 25,000 at any one time
  • Payment is done against the life insurance premium to the insurer, aggregating amount exceeding to 50,000 or more
  • When the investable amount is Rs 50,000 or more when investing in Mutual Funds.
  • Payment made in connection to any international travel, or payment made in connection to purchase done on buying any foreign currency amount exceeding to Rs.50000.
  • When opening a bank account including cooperative banks also.
  • Applying to a bank /co-operative bank or any other institution for credit or debit card.
  • On purchase or sale of motor vehicle apart from two-wheelers.
  • On Purchase of shares, debentures or bond of a company worth Rs 50,000 or more.
  • On purchase of DD, pay order or banker’ cheque for an aggregated amount of 50,000 or in a day through cash.
  • When an amount exceeds more than 1 lakh per transaction for the contract of sale and purchase of securities other than shares.
  • While the opening of the bank account for a minor the PAN card of the mother father or any guardian is required.
  • Payment is done to RBI for purchasing bond issued by it exceeding the amount to Rs. 50000.
  • Purchase or sale of good or service amount exceeding to Rs 2lakh and more.
  • Payment to a dealer of an amount of five lakh rupees or more at any one time.
  • Sale or purchase of a share of a company not listed in recognized stock exchange amount worth Rs 1 lakh per transaction.
  • A cash deposit of aggregating to more than Rs 2,50,000 during the period 09th November 2016 to 30th December 2016 {Kindly recheck this point}

The below points to be noted:

  • Anyone who doesn’t have a PAN card and gets into the above-mentioned transaction needs to make a declaration in Form No 60. Giving therein the detail of such a transaction. The declaration can be done in two ways either on papers or electronically through verification code.
  • The above quoting of PAN is not applicable to the following
  • Central Government, the State Governments and the Consular Offices;
  • “Payment made in connection with travel” consist of payment done towards fare, or to a travel agent or a tour operator, or to an authorized person.

10 Best Invoicing and Billing System in 2019

In today’s era number of companies are migrating to a billing & invoicing software to automate their business. But they all struggle to find the right solution which fit their business requirements. Hence, to help you make the correct decision, here we present the list of top ten billing & invoicing software for SMBs.



Freshbooks has 5 million active users around the world. It is perfect for small businesses who deal with more complex tasks of invoicing. You can easily integrate Freshbooks with your business. You can also customize and automate invoices as per your business demands. Its mobile app allows you to keep track of payment. Thus, you want a powerful, easy and simple invoicing solution than Freshbooks is your pick.



Quickbooks is speedy, accurate and perfect for start-ups and small business. It can manage, store, and edit the huge amount of client, vendor, and employee information at a centralized repository. It is also available via an online version. It can definitely give a boost to your workflow and help you make informed business decisions.

Zoho Invoice

Zoho Invoice

Zoho Invoice is completely a web-based billing & invoicing software that can increase your business with the power of automated invoicing.  This ultimate solution will make your billing and invoicing simple by creating invoices easily and providing faster payments.



Tally is considered to be one of the best billing & invoicing solutions for business around the globe. It’s a secured product with enhanced features that boost integration and workplace collaboration for improved outcome. It requires minimum maintenance and has vital features such as quotations, estimates, budgeting, taxation management, and financial accounting all of this together makes it a holistic vehicle for your billing and invoicing function.

Easy Accountax

Easy GST

Easy Accountax comes with a wide range of impressive features that offers highly scalable and customizable accounting function for any business organization. It is cloud-based automated accounting software that comprises of varied time tracking, project management, easy workflow, GST-ready and expense management tools. It lets you forecast financial budgets due to which you can make better decisions for your organization. A boon for SMB’s, this software is definitely a one-stop solution for all your accounting needs in today’s competitive business arena.



A combination of invoicing, receipt scanning, and accounting, Wave is an easy automated accounting software with a simple dashboard to control everything from a single screen. You don’t need to spend anything in order to use this software. With Wave, you can send automated invoices, track income & expense, maintain your ledgers balance.



With Xero, you can generate a creative invoice. It’s completely a secured platform so there is no chance of any data loss as everything is saved on the cloud and backed up using servers. Thus you can smoothly track your financial books within no time. You can use Xero on a free trial basis.



Zipbooksis a web-based invoicing solution which seamlessly integrates with other tools like Chrome, Slack, Google Maps, Astra etc. Majorly used by small businesses, contractors and freelancers, it enhances their productivity while providing quick payments and easy operations. Just like any other enterprise level invoicing software it accepts payments through credit cards.



Brightpearl has multiple channels to support the smooth management of invoices, customer data, accounts, orders, as well as reports. It is based on a robust straight-forward approach in order to track incoming and outgoing transactions easily.

Sleek Bill


Sleekbill is designed for all kinds of diverse businesses. It lets you create quick and detailed reports. You can perform backup/restore data, print/email invoices and also calculate GST. It is an easily customizable retail management system which seamlessly integrates with Magento, eBay, BigCommerce, Shopify, Amazon etc. to boost ease of business operations. This user-friendly and intuitive tool is available for free download hence a lifetime investment that gives you a high rate of return.

Bottom Line
The selection of the invoicing software completely depends on the workflow of your business. The above list is based on certain criteria like ratings of the tool, its technical support, availability of the software and its fees. So, before making any decision, make a wise choice of software that best fits your requirements to avoid loss of money or time. Give your sales a boost by moving from traditional systems to visionary billing and invoicing solutions.

5 biggest CRM trends that will impact your business in 2019

CRM Trend 2019

One of the most important tasks for any company to perform on a regular basis is Customer Relationship Management. You can differentiate success and well-documented failure with an optimized CRM strategy. Therefore it is necessary for companies to learn CRM trends and make use of CRM strategies. Let’s understand the top 5 CRM trends that will have a tremendous impact in 2019.

Ready? Let’s break it down.

Social CRM will improve relationships

Today social media plays a huge role for any company. Customers prefer to have an open dialogue with companies. For this social CRM leads to capturing more customer data and designing more customer-friendly environments that feel rewarding and it also prompts them to continue sharing more data. Companies try to fulfill customer’s expectations so this leaves no choice for businesses but to become more social. Overall, a comfortable customer will always share more on a social platform.

CRM will become more mainstream

Currently, CRM adoption rates are very unstable across the industries. But soon companies have to give prime focus to it. CRM will tend to attract investors in the long run as it will become important for everyone from leaders to tech teams to recruiters. If everyone in the industry will understand the importance of CRM then it will become easier for companies to face unique challenges and create more opportunities.

Response times will drop dramatically

Today, Artificial Intelligence has taken a place everywhere. Social media has bought everyone closer. A customer expects a quick reply to their query and they want instant service thus CRM tend to be more responsive. For instance, Hubspot tracks customer interactions through phone, email, and social media seamlessly. This is just a glimpse of what’s down the road. This kind of communication will take place on both ends so AI assists consumers much faster than a human can.

Stronger Data Security

The CRM ecosystem lets you place your budget, human resources, and capital infrastructure under one system which means customer’s data and trade insights are completely stored in a centralized CRM system instead of disconnected desktops. For the better security, you can assign authority to selected employees along with keeping a close tab on a single channel for possible breach.

Data mining technology will be the next leap forward

It happens that even as successful CRM strategies tend to avoid a lot of data on the table and together all this excess data will not be able to put in use. CRM will not only utilize advance AI but it will also make it more meaningful.

Final Thoughts

In 2019 you will see CRM will be in every company. CRM will use technology like voice and mobile which will not only improve customer experience but also enhance user experience. There will be a lot to see in the future as CRM will progressively become an important part of companies. With the availability of AI, machine and automation CRM will make sales, service, and marketing easier. In short, CRM will benefit everyone.

Best Useful Tips for Selecting the Right HR Software

HR Software

HR is one of the most crucial functions within any kind of business as they need to take care of employees’ welfare. It a time-consuming for HR managers to manage everyone in scope and size of the company. Whether you run a start-up or a large brand with hundreds of employees, it’s important to never underestimate the importance of human resources for the growth of your business.

What is HR Software?

HR Software helps to manage employee information and HR related tasks can be considered HR software. The software system can manage people, automate manual tasks and keep information orderly. It saves a lot of labour time for managers and HR staff through automation along with this it also assists with HR processes which allow improved planning, budget management and decision making.

How to build effective HR Software?

  • Step 1: Automate

Automate your workflows to streamline the routine activities of your HR professionals so that they can focus on more important issues.

  • Step 2: Integrate

Integrate all HR related processes and systems into one consolidated platform which will be a single of all HR data

  • Step 3: Engage

Focus on your company culture and engagement to deliver digital HR experiences that help your staff improve their skills and collaborate.

  • Step 4: Perform

Continuously develop your HR environment, optimize productivity and ensure that performance management is done in a positive manner.

What are the key benefits of HR Software?

Better Security

Digital record-keeping always offers improved security. Your employee data will be secured like their address, contact number and social security number. One might have faced that paper filling can be misplaced, destroyed or stolen and there are other issues which come with paper filling. Hence, human resources computer software ensures that your employee’s record and personal data are completely secured.

Human error

People make mistakes like losing a piece of paper, miscalculating a percentage, or overlooking required data. HR software inherently unable to make these mistakes and so if the entered data is correct, then the information or results it provides cannot be wrong.

Impose Compliance

With HR software you can monitor that all your employees including low-level employees and management are following your company rules and procedures. So this will prevent mistakes, disagreements, harassment, and other issues that could cost your company money.

Boost Productivity

A payroll and record-keeping software will increase their productivity by allowing them to spend less time filing paperwork and more time making sure everything is running smoothly. They can ensure payroll is sent out promptly, handle HR issues speedily, and focus on more important human resources tasks – such as employee training and hiring.

Reduce business costs

HR Software helps you in the number of ways to reduce administrative costs. The software lets you Improve efficiency and productivity which is a way to save money in its own right, investing in a system may well negate the need to hire another HR administrator and the costs related like recruitment fees, benefits, salary etc. A good HR software will allow your HR professional to comfortably manage the data of anywhere from 150 to 200 staff.

Improved tracking of employee data

An effective HR department will always track and analysis data like monitoring absence, gender pay gap statistics, company property costs and many other areas of the business. With automated HR software, all of this data will become instantly easier to access, update and interrogate. Online data storage, tracking and accessibility will let you share your information easily and securely

Which Industries Can Benefit Most from HR Software?

A business with a huge staff should be using some type of software for dealing with payroll and employee records. A company with limited office space may also want to think about switching to a detailed human resources system. By taking care of the majority of your record-keeping on a secure computer, you can reduce storage cabinets and paper filing.

Companies and businesses which do a lot of hiring, especially seasonal hiring, will absolutely find software more useful to automate HR tasks. A software makes their work little easier and it also saves their time which they can devote more of their attention to ensuring they hire the best candidates for the job and see that they receive the right training.

For any business, HR is a major part but sometimes managers neglect the pressure the HR department deals with. By using a reliable HR payroll system, you can enhance the productivity of your business.

Top 5 Best Billing & Invoicing Software Vendors in India

gst billing invoices india
Sometimes it is impossible to make your customers enjoy paying their bills, but you can always make the payment process quick and simple for them. You can offer customers new payment channels like electronic payment channels and mobile payment networks. There are a number of products available to help you get a better handle on your billing and invoicing operations.

This software can track your sales or services rendered such as who was billed, the fees or charges applied, and when payment was received (or when it was supposed to be received but wasn’t). It also provides you with a data path to record all of that data in your other accounting and bookkeeping systems. In accounting terms, this workflow is an element of Accounts Receivable. There are smaller businesses which still maintains these kinds of records and prepare invoices using a spreadsheet or word processing application while some use specialized software apps that perform the task quicker, more easily, and with much less effort and the best part is, many of them are inexpensive or even free to use.

Zoho Invoice


  • The Free version is available.
  • It has Robust billing functionality. zoho
  • You can use Project tracking features for hourly billing.
  • It has Strong documentation.


  • It Lacks Zoho Inventory integration.

Bottom Line: It has a solid billing platform for small to midsize businesses (SMBs). It also integrates with much of the Zoho ecosystem making it even better.



  • It has an Exceptional user experience. 
  • It provides new team collaboration tools, estimates, and projects.
  • It can handle multiple businesses.
  • It has also got context-sensitive settings.Cons:
  • It does not record products.
  • Lacks in inventory tracking.
  • It does not consist of expansive customer records.

Bottom Line: The new FreshBooks is a refined, intuitive online accounting system. For freelancers and sole proprietors, it is the best choice. Though, it still lacks inventory tracking and a few other features from the preceding version.



  • It has an exceptional user interface and navigation. 
  • It can easily track expenses and income.
  • Has automatic mileage tracking.
  • You can assign business transactions to Schedule C categories.
  • It can also Estimate quarterly income taxes and OCR capability.


  • Lacks direct integration with e-commerce sites.
  • It does not record data, time tracking, project tracking, or recurring transactions.
  • Invoices not customizable or thorough.
  • No estimates or sales tax.

Bottom Line: QuickBooks is a Self-Employed tool to make it a good fit for some freelancers and independent contractors, but others will miss standard features like time tracking, project tracking, and estimates.



  • You can get detailed records and transaction forms. 
  • It can track inventory.
  • You can customize reports.
  • It has online Quotes.
  • A better smart list.
  • An exceptional online support.


  • Payroll tax management is not available for all states.
  • It does not have a dedicated time tracking or project management.
  • Lacks in phone or chat support.

Bottom Line: Xero is an exceptionally great double-entry accounting app that excels at many of the basics a small business might need, such as records and transactions which support sales and purchases, payroll processing, and inventory management.

Easy GST


  • Perfect for any business type like a start-up or, restaurants, NGO, or creative studios.
  • Leverages a white label solution on the cloud Easy GST
  • You can easily customize invoices, billings or reports
  • It Includes multi-currency feature
  • You can make a detailed contract or proposal.
  • Is GST enabled
  • You can find local accountants near-by easily


  • The trial version is only for 30 days
  • UI/UX is little complicated
  • The Mobile app has limited feature constraints

Bottom Line: And Co is a solid invoicing tool aimed primarily at freelancers. It’s good for its target market, though it’ll have some inflexible limitations for those who need more features from their billing system.

Billing and invoicing software can manage your finance process easily. Businesses can use it to improve different financial processes to make them more efficient.

Best Payroll Management Software for business to operate smoothly in 2019!

Easy Payroll Systems

Running a successful business has always been an extreme challenge for business owners. There are many things they need to take into serious consideration to thrive in the highly competitive market. We are aware that not everyone has what it takes to have complete control over all the aspects that make a business successful, and that is especially true for small and medium businesses.

The Payroll Management System lets you take your human resources management to a higher level. Even the top payroll providers in India understand the need for an error-free payroll management activity. With the wide range of services, your business can enjoy a payroll process which is timely and accurate.

So, let us first have a look at some basic advantages a Payroll management software offers:

  • Employee Calendar: A payroll software generally offers employee calendars. It helps you in smoothly managing sick leave, absences. and overtime.
  • Cost Effective: Saves a lot of man hours and money in handling HR accounting.
  • Tax Updates: Helps you in managing tax and compliance like PF, ESI etc.
  • Generate Payslips: You can generate payslips in an automatic manner.
  • Ensure Security: Payroll software adds security to your organization. As the data remains with you, third-party intervention is not needed.

Easy Payroll Processing India

Below we have mentioned some of the best payroll management software in India.

  • MARG ERP 9+ – Payroll Software

Marg Payroll Software has a user-friendly interface. As you can easily integrate it with a biometric machine. And then it will keep the track & maintenance of all the information on salary transfer. This system is fully expertise in managing all the systems like Human Resource Management system, Employee Payroll Management System, Employee Compliances Management System etc.

  • Keka – Payroll Software

Keka is an employee experience platform. The only HR & Payroll solution which is employee centric. Unlike traditional payroll management system, Keka is a modern new generation platform focused on user experience and simplifying complex workflows. You can manage your employees and assign tasks to them from any place in the world and with any device.

  • Beehive – Payroll software

Beehive’s HRMS, a complete web-based payroll management software covering the entire life cycle of an employee from recruitment to resignation or retirement. The system is developed by Beehive Software Services Pvt. Ltd. It is the most comprehensive HR and Payroll management system solution. It takes care of workflow-based leave management platform which enables employees to submit their leave applications and managers to approve it with workflow notifications. It also integrates time details to obtain more accuracy even as managing the leave and payouts.

  • ADP Vista – Payroll Software

ADP Vista HCM SM is designed to handle complex types of business. The system is developed by Automatic Data Processing Inc. When the HR software is customized to your business requirements, then you can process payroll and the associated compliances such as TDS, PF and ESI deductions with a single click.

  • Easy Accountax – Payroll Software

Irrespective of business size or industry Easy Accountax is one of the most preferred software. It automates major areas of HR, payroll management, leave, and attendance tracking. With many satisfied customers across the globe, it manages to leverage powerful features like employee management, payroll services on the cloud, time & attendance management, TDS and payroll compliance, employee self-service (ESS), and more.

With built-in timesheets, auto synchronization with biometric devices, high data security, e-payslips, according to us, Easy is the one-stop solution for business to manage their payroll smoothly and efficiently.

Payroll management software can provide forecasts; you can use these to plan staff costs and budgets by entering hypothetical numbers to see the exact total cost of an employee. Choose your payroll software that fulfils your requirements.