Best Useful Tips for Selecting the Right HR Software

HR Software

HR is one of the most crucial functions within any kind of business as they need to take care of employees’ welfare. It a time-consuming for HR managers to manage everyone in scope and size of the company. Whether you run a start-up or a large brand with hundreds of employees, it’s important to never underestimate the importance of human resources for the growth of your business.

What is HR Software?

HR Software helps to manage employee information and HR related tasks can be considered HR software. The software system can manage people, automate manual tasks and keep information orderly. It saves a lot of labour time for managers and HR staff through automation along with this it also assists with HR processes which allow improved planning, budget management and decision making.

How to build effective HR Software?

  • Step 1: Automate

Automate your workflows to streamline the routine activities of your HR professionals so that they can focus on more important issues.

  • Step 2: Integrate

Integrate all HR related processes and systems into one consolidated platform which will be a single of all HR data

  • Step 3: Engage

Focus on your company culture and engagement to deliver digital HR experiences that help your staff improve their skills and collaborate.

  • Step 4: Perform

Continuously develop your HR environment, optimize productivity and ensure that performance management is done in a positive manner.

What are the key benefits of HR Software?

Better Security

Digital record-keeping always offers improved security. Your employee data will be secured like their address, contact number and social security number. One might have faced that paper filling can be misplaced, destroyed or stolen and there are other issues which come with paper filling. Hence, human resources computer software ensures that your employee’s record and personal data are completely secured.

Human error

People make mistakes like losing a piece of paper, miscalculating a percentage, or overlooking required data. HR software inherently unable to make these mistakes and so if the entered data is correct, then the information or results it provides cannot be wrong.

Impose Compliance

With HR software you can monitor that all your employees including low-level employees and management are following your company rules and procedures. So this will prevent mistakes, disagreements, harassment, and other issues that could cost your company money.

Boost Productivity

A payroll and record-keeping software will increase their productivity by allowing them to spend less time filing paperwork and more time making sure everything is running smoothly. They can ensure payroll is sent out promptly, handle HR issues speedily, and focus on more important human resources tasks – such as employee training and hiring.

Reduce business costs

HR Software helps you in the number of ways to reduce administrative costs. The software lets you Improve efficiency and productivity which is a way to save money in its own right, investing in a system may well negate the need to hire another HR administrator and the costs related like recruitment fees, benefits, salary etc. A good HR software will allow your HR professional to comfortably manage the data of anywhere from 150 to 200 staff.

Improved tracking of employee data

An effective HR department will always track and analysis data like monitoring absence, gender pay gap statistics, company property costs and many other areas of the business. With automated HR software, all of this data will become instantly easier to access, update and interrogate. Online data storage, tracking and accessibility will let you share your information easily and securely

Which Industries Can Benefit Most from HR Software?

A business with a huge staff should be using some type of software for dealing with payroll and employee records. A company with limited office space may also want to think about switching to a detailed human resources system. By taking care of the majority of your record-keeping on a secure computer, you can reduce storage cabinets and paper filing.

Companies and businesses which do a lot of hiring, especially seasonal hiring, will absolutely find software more useful to automate HR tasks. A software makes their work little easier and it also saves their time which they can devote more of their attention to ensuring they hire the best candidates for the job and see that they receive the right training.

For any business, HR is a major part but sometimes managers neglect the pressure the HR department deals with. By using a reliable HR payroll system, you can enhance the productivity of your business.

GST Billing And Accounting Software In India


Today, every business needs a new billing management system, which should work according to the new tax regime of India. For this, many companies like ClearTax, Tally, and Marg Accounting has introduced their new billing software, which has been developed completely based upon the new Goods and Service Tax guidelines.

A billing and invoicing software help businesses perform automated calculations, keeping taxes in mind. Additionally, they are also useful for bookkeeping and record-keeping purposes.

To help businesses choose, here’s a list of the top 10 billing and invoicing solution available in India:

How To Find The Best GST Software?

Like every person, every firm is different and has its own expectations from any accounting software. Based on your business, you should check the following points:

1) Software should include all requirements relating to payroll.

2) The system should be able to track available stock, work in progress, orders, jobs, and other task management requirements

3) There should be a provision which can handle more than one bank account.

4) Whether the software handles foreign exchange.

5) There should be a system to keep records of each business or various departments under one business unit.

6) Check whether the Software provides you with an online platform for different activities such as online payments, verifying records,

7) Whether the system can manage different records on what do customers buy, how much they buy, a tax charged on it, etc


1) According to the business, it should customize the look and generate GST invoices.

2) Different categories. Should be there for different expenses.

3) By importing the bank transactions it should generate the Reconciliation Statement (BRS).

4) Inventory purchases and purchase orders (PO) will be recorded.

5) Record-Journal Voucher entries.

6) Managing database of customer and vendors.

7) Updated information about accounts payable and accounts receivables so that the user is well aware.

8) Help in generating Balance Sheet, Trial balance reports, and Profit and Loss statements as for and when needed.

9) Give platform for different users to use it in a business unit at the same point in time as at times there are different users in one business unit.

To help businesses choose, here’s a list of the top 5 billing and invoicing solution available in India:

Zoho Invoice


Zoho Invoice is a hassle-free invoicing & billing software that helps businesses send automated payment reminders to their customers and get paid faster online. This web-based solution empowers businesses with the best-automated tools, to smoothen and simplify invoicing operations. With Zoho, users can create invoices, perform faster payments and manage projects on the fly.



Quickbooks is a reliable and scalable invoicing and billing software for businesses of any scale. Using Quickbooks, users can manage their business and stay organized anytime, anywhere on their computer, mobile or tablet. Create customized and professional invoices, sales receipts and estimates that can be sent in minutes, using QuickBooks.

Sleek Bill


Sleekbill is a simple and efficient billing software which has been specially designed for the Indian market. The software assists in making your invoicing operations efficient. It is a fast and highly scalable solution which can also be used to generate quick and detailed reports, backup/restore data, print/e-mail invoices, and perform GST calculations.

HyperDrive HDPOS Smart

HDPOS Smart is a retail POS billing software, designed to automate retail billing. It is efficient at handling inventory, financial accounting, and billing. HDPOS Smart can be employed at all types of business setups, ranging from stores to hypermarkets. It has additional modules for inventory management, franchise management, accounting, customer management, etc.

MargERP 9+


MargERP 9+ is an ERP solution that can also be used for invoicing purposes. From automating various ERP components to ensuring complete management of inventory, sales, distribution, procurement and, accounting, MargERP is a complete invoicing and billing software. Simple and easy to use, MargERP 9+ enables users to attain high performance and improved productivity for various domains.


If you own medium-sized business, all these tasks can cause a huge headache. A billing and invoicing solution will not only help businesses ease their payment processes but also get a better grasp of their finances. In turn, businesses can use this data to improve their different financial processes to make them more effective. Which one is your favourite GST software?

Great Accounting Mobile App for Your Business

Every business owner looks for an affordable accounting solution. While searching for the best accounting software, we look at the time-saving features offered by it and its cost. These products vary in cost and so does the features. Easy Accountax has been developed by experts and it offers best  online cloud computing and accounting services.  With every app going viral on smart phones, Easy Accountax has launched a mobile app to assist the users to manage their accounting process easily.

It does not matter whether you’re starting up a new business or have an existing business, an accounting software must cater to the needs of business. Easy Accountax has the flexibility to customize as per the nature of your business. You need not to worry about managing reports, billing, expenses, payroll, taxes etc. as Easy Accountax’s mobile app will keep good records of all these transactions. Whether you’re travelling or out of the office, this app will easily help you in keeping track of the transactions. Whether it is sending invoices to your clients or tracking expenses of the month, everything will be taken care of. It is rightly said that an effective accounting mobile app will run your business on screens.

Easy Touch

What features does Easy Accountax provide? Here are they:

  • CRM
  • Accounting
  • Banking
  • e-Documents
  • Payroll
  • Practice Manager
  • Inventory Management
  • Bills & Expenses
  • Asset Management
  • Financial Reports

It is simple to use and easy to operate on your mobile screen. Providing the services with assured quality, Easy Accountax offers 24X7 customer service  to all its users. This mobile app makes it effortless for the users to perform various operations.  Choose Easy Accountax and it will save your time of manually recording entries on a daily note.

So whom are you waiting for? Get your hands on this user-friendly and convenient accounting app!
Easy Accountax App: 
Download Android App
Download iPhone App

EasyTouch-Accounting – Our Newly Launched iPhone Application

Accounting does not need an introduction and we all understand the importance of the accounts that need to be maintained. In case you are an entrepreneur and have been facing problems in accounting for your business, then you have not tried the Easy Accountax Services yet. While we strongly recommend it for you to give it a try once, we also ensure that when you try it once, you would not want to switch to any other service.

Smartphones have taken a major portion in our lives with most of the connectivity maintained through the use of Smart phones. Be it professional or personal linkages, the connectivity between the user and the phone is unbreakable. While it may not be considered healthy to stick to one all day long, it is imperative to understand that the benefits of the smartphones are way beyond tweets and face book.

For a small business to grow in its term, a proper accounting not only ensures a schematic method of carrying out the business, but also ensures that the business is well controlled and modulated. This is why, it is necessary to ensure that the accounting does not remain a function of the business but becomes and integrated part of the business altogether.

This is where Easy Accountax learns to take care of the different consumer demands where in the need to connectivity is the first basic criteria through “Easy Touch Accounting”. With the launch of the new phone application, connecting to your company account and accounting systems on the mobile phone is now a game play. All you have to do is login and get to know of the accounts at the click of the button. With the new application that has been launched on the iTunes, the Apple phone is now the accountant your small or medium business could have. We give you the reasons why this app should be on your mobile phone

  • Learn to connect to the system with ease and ensure that you are connected throughout

  • Know your accounts on the tip of your fingertips with easy calculations and automated functions

  • Remote access to the accounting system so that you can work even when you are not at work

  • Ease of access and detection such that you always know who logged in to the system and when

  • v. Easy methods to update and calculate the different functions with the simple formulas and auto edit options

While you try to add to the convenience of the business, it is also needed to ensure that the system is well developed so that you do have the ease for sure, an in addition also have the security that would keep you and your business safe.

We strongly suggest that you download the App and reap the benefits that can really benefit your business and with the ease of the remote access in to your system through the mobile phone, you can practically launch the system anytime and anywhere, thereby improving your personal life too.

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Easy Accountax Launches Its new Android Mobile Application

For a name that has the repute for the best services in online accounting and cloud computing, no one can provide better and economical services than Easy Accountax. With respect to the functionality of the services, the primary competitive edge that Easy Accountax has, is the customizable nature of the services that the company provides with respect to the individual needs of the customers. This is primarily why the company is able to deliver a cent percentile of customer satisfaction.

In order to further increase the satisfaction of the services that have been provided, the company has recently launched a mobile app for accounting to further manage the process and cater to the needs of the customers. Naturally, with the functionality on the mobile phone, the ease and the usability of the Application is unmatchable. Apart from allowing the user to manage the accounts while on the move, the application is supremely user friendly and has easy drop down menus that help you easily access the system. This perpetually relates to a complete connectivity even when you are on holiday. This means that even if you are out of office, the work does not stop.

Why should I use the App?

Well, simply because, the App is a cost effective way to ensure that the business is not really impacted with any internal and external changes in your life. We give you some of the best benefits that can be availed with the service.

  • For all the needs of a professional invoice, this App works the best. Make them in limited time and send them to the client end while you are on the go. This also helps you in keeping a close record of how much someone owes you and the payments that you need to make.

  • Brilliantly incorporated the “Auto -Email Chase: feature helps you track the services that are to be provided and the receipts that need to be chased. So there is no need to ask your assistant to remind you.

  • Manage all the expenses while you are moving. This would naturally help you stay connected even without a computer or a laptop.

  • Even better is the import function where in you can just import the excel document and all the reports and statements from the bank. And when you get the bank account details daily, naturally all your records are updated daily.

  • There is no need to design and develop expensive and complicated software for the company when the need to generate the results can be simply fulfilled on your mobile phone.

And in order to offer the best services to the customers, that are highly valued, a round the clock customer care service is available to answer all your queries, and guide you through the system. Easy Accountax understands that the best services are customer oriented and thus to increase the satisfaction of the customers, various other features have also been added to enhance the services. This new mobile App that has been launched would be effective in revolutionizing the business accounting to a great extent.

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