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CRM Trend 2019

One of the most important tasks for any company to perform on a regular basis is Customer Relationship Management. You can differentiate success and well-documented failure with an optimized CRM strategy. Therefore it is necessary for companies to learn CRM trends and make use of CRM strategies. Let’s understand the top 5 CRM trends that will have a tremendous impact in 2019.

Ready? Let’s break it down.

Social CRM will improve relationships

Today social media plays a huge role for any company. Customers prefer to have an open dialogue with companies. For this social CRM leads to capturing more customer data and designing more customer-friendly environments that feel rewarding and it also prompts them to continue sharing more data. Companies try to fulfill customer’s expectations so this leaves no choice for businesses but to become more social. Overall, a comfortable customer will always share more on a social platform.

CRM will become more mainstream

Currently, CRM adoption rates are very unstable across the industries. But soon companies have to give prime focus to it. CRM will tend to attract investors in the long run as it will become important for everyone from leaders to tech teams to recruiters. If everyone in the industry will understand the importance of CRM then it will become easier for companies to face unique challenges and create more opportunities.

Response times will drop dramatically

Today, Artificial Intelligence has taken a place everywhere. Social media has bought everyone closer. A customer expects a quick reply to their query and they want instant service thus CRM tend to be more responsive. For instance, Hubspot tracks customer interactions through phone, email, and social media seamlessly. This is just a glimpse of what’s down the road. This kind of communication will take place on both ends so AI assists consumers much faster than a human can.

Stronger Data Security

The CRM ecosystem lets you place your budget, human resources, and capital infrastructure under one system which means customer’s data and trade insights are completely stored in a centralized CRM system instead of disconnected desktops. For the better security, you can assign authority to selected employees along with keeping a close tab on a single channel for possible breach.

Data mining technology will be the next leap forward

It happens that even as successful CRM strategies tend to avoid a lot of data on the table and together all this excess data will not be able to put in use. CRM will not only utilize advance AI but it will also make it more meaningful.

Final Thoughts

In 2019 you will see CRM will be in every company. CRM will use technology like voice and mobile which will not only improve customer experience but also enhance user experience. There will be a lot to see in the future as CRM will progressively become an important part of companies. With the availability of AI, machine and automation CRM will make sales, service, and marketing easier. In short, CRM will benefit everyone.